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The Perfect Home Fragrance

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I don’t know about you but I love diffusers. They are perfect for forgetful or clumsy people who can’t be trusted with a hot flame and wax from a candle…! The other week I was in the Yorkshire Dales and found some of the cutest little shops so of course I had to pick up a few things and this was one of them. It is my new home fragrance obsession.

I really love this diffuser as it is also part of your home decor because of its stylish design. We have had room diffusers before which are a wall of scent as soon as you walk in a room which I am not a fan of. I like a scent which gently awakens your senses and fills the room with a balanced fragrance.

This diffuser is from Priddy Essentials and is part of a large fragrance range they have and they are all handmade in the UK. They blend the lines of traditional craft methods and modern design process. I can truly say that these are one hundred percent the most gorgeous scents and bottles I have seen for a long while paired with the fact that they are a UK company crafting their products by hand.

I picked up the scent formula no. fifty five Criollo Leaf which I love so much! The scent is woody and musky with a very gentle sweet floral scent which softens the masculine notes creating the perfect balance. The scent is so rich and luxurious and brings elegance to the room. I like how you can use a fragrance to set the mood of a room and can complement your interior style too. I really think it is worth trying out different scents to see which fits your interior and favourite smells as it has really worked for us. Finally we have found the perfect scent!

Priddy Essentials are currently revamping there website but sell all of their product in their shop in Uppingham. If you contact them I am sure they will be happy to help find this product or any others you would like.

Priddy Essentials Facebook
Priddy Essentials Website


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