The Easiest Summer Picnic Canopy DIY - Ella Elizabeth
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The Easiest Summer Picnic Canopy DIY


Last weekend was so beautiful and sunny, so the family and I decide to have a lazy weekend gardening and diying. I love picnics and thought why not have a garden picnic. So I made a little DIY canopy tent, which was probably the cutest thing I have ever made!! The picnic really rounded off the perfect summer day. I made the tent really comfy by adding some squishy cushions and a little cuddly animal … because why not!! I also added a soft grey blanket, which was originally a throw and it made the perfect picnic blanket. The little canopy would be perfect for a kid’s summer party as well as a picnic. I raided our party box to see what decorations I could find and I hit the party jackpot with the gorgeous honeycomb balls and felt garlands. This picnic canopy really brought out my inner child. I remember having such lovely picnics with my family when I was younger.

I made a huge jug of iced lemon, lime and cucumber water; it is so refreshing on a hot day – we went though it so quickly. I sliced some yummy local tomatoes up to go with my sandwich that I made with some barbecued sausages and spinach in crunchy fresh French bread – it was so delicious!!! Now it’s time for the super easy DIY canopy …

IMG_8437IMG_8409 small


Strong string or rope

A white double bed sheet

Small wooden post (if you have large trees in your garden you can use those to tie the canopy to)

I also had some rocks, which helped keep the fabric on the ground

Any decorations
Small pegs

  1. First find where you are going to hang your canopy from and at what height. I secured mine to a small wooden post and the other end to a fence post with a nail.
  2. I then tied the string to the posts at the height I wanted making sure it was tied tight.
  3. Then drape your sheet over the string line and arrange it in the shape you want. I bunched the sheet up a bit to make it smaller and to get nice pleats in the tent.
  4. Now add the stones to the extra draped fabric on the floor to keep it from flying all over the place. Finally decorate with any cushion, blankets, garlands and party decoration. All that’s left is to get your picnic ready and enjoy the wonderful sunshine.


I have been M.I.A for a week working on my textile designs and getting organised but I am back to blogging 3 times a week now and I have some really fun post coming up.
You can follow me on my social media to find out about all the fun and exciting things coming soon. Also tag me in any photos if you recreate this DIY, I would love to see them!!

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