Guest Post: Super Easy No Sew Bunting - Ella Elizabeth
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Guest Post: Super Easy No Sew Bunting

Hello, I hope you’re weekend was wonderful?!

You’re probably thinking, where’s Ella? We’ve traded places for today & guest blogging on this fine Monday! In case you haven’t stopped by before, I write a Vintage Lifestyle & DIY blog.

Much like Ella, I adore DIYs & getting creative, which is where this collaboration have spun from really, with that in mind I thought I’d bring you today, a super easy bunting DIY!

I actually have posted something similar to this one on my blog, when I first started blogging actually, but I’ve given it a bit of a revamp for you!

I made this bunting specifically for our kitchen, so it’s quite small in terms of length but you can alter this easily to achieve your desired look, also to match my kitchen I’ve chosen a pink gingham fabric, again you can change this to suit your tastes, I just love gingham!

bunting Bunting Finshed two - KayCeeCreates

Fabric - KayCeeCreates Triangles Two - KayCeeCreates Pinking Shears - KayCeeCreates Ribbon - KayCeeCreates

Everything you’ll need:
Fabric (the amount with depend on your desired length, I’m using about half a metre)
Hot Glue Gun
Ribbon of choice
Marker Pen
Fabric Scissors
Pinking Shears

What you need to do:

This DIY couldn’t be easier, as the heading says, there’s no sewing involved what so ever so it’s really easy to achieve if you want a quick fixer upper for a room!

  1. Fold your fabric horizontally if you’re using striped fabric or gingham like me, it’s easy to get a straight fold – just follow the lines!
  2. Across the folded edge mark out your triangles, either with fabric chalk or I’m using my trusty sharpie marker! To measure my triangles I marked out 10cm wide points across the folded edge & then marked in my triangle shape by joining each point at a 15cm line.
  3. Once I’d filled the length of the fabric, you’re ready to start cutting your triangles out
  4. You’ll be left with double sided triangles (I had 5) which I then cut across the fold – doubling my amount.
  5. If you want to prevent fraying of the fabric you can trim down the triangles with your pinking shears, it also leaves you with a really cool zig zag pattern on the edges.
  6. I then separated my triangles evenly across my ribbon – again the spacing will depend on how long you want the bunting – but I went with 15cm.
  7. *Lastly, to secure everything in place with a line of hot glue across the top of your triangles, lay your ribbon over the top & press down firmly.

*I also created a small loop at the ends of my ribbon by folding the ends over & gluing in place.

That’s all there is to it! I really love bunting & this length has really brightened my kitchen!

If you want to join in the fun on my blog, you can find me chatting all things Vintage & Creative at: & on social media @kayceecreates

Thank you for reading & to Ella for having me on your blog today!

Peace & Love

KC xx


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