Restyling My Bedroom- How To Create A MoodBoard - Ella Elizabeth
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Restyling My Bedroom- How To Create A MoodBoard

So I have embarked on a new adventure this month which was re designing and decorationing my bedroom which I have been waiting to do this for so long but wanted to make sure I was 100 percent sure on the design I wanted.For a lot of people re designing their space can be really intimerdating and it is so easy to go off track of your design and waste money which can make the process super stressful! I am going to share with you all some of the things I have learnt through my design process, I am going to split my bedroom process and final reveal into 3 posts.

I took so much time trying to find the right style for my room , I started off looking at pintrest it is a amazing place to find inspiration and ideas being able to put them into one place.I researched lots of different styles from botanical,industraial,cosy etc.I decided to have a strong scandinavian influence also infusing that with my own personal style.Once i decide my style i created a pintrest board Scandinavian Bedroom Board where I put any picture that inspired me here are a few examples of images that have shaped the look of my room.

I then decided to make a mood board which I use for refrence when I go out shopping for things , so I keep the image on my phone which is a great way to ensure you aren’t going to go off track and buy somthing random which doesn’t work with your theme.I already have a bed and wardrobe so I added thoughs peices onto the mood board I then look at things I would want to buy from ikea which are the stools and beanch , also I added other things which I may get or want somthing similar like the copper light etc.I made my mood board on photoshop so that I could have the image as a jpg file for trafering it to my phone but I also do use word aswell which works well enough to.


bedroom moodboard

Buying the main pieces of furniture first is what I go with the mood board helps me decide if the piece go together before I buy.
I bought my main furniture from marks and spencers , I bought Hastings range in ivory I really love this range as it is neautral and is extremely  versitle and can blend with any theme.I have also bought a few iteams from the SKOGSTA collection at ikea I haven’t seen them in the flesh yet as I am waiting for them to be delivered but I have seen some pictures of them , I know they are going to be beautiful as the wood is some of the best I have seen from ikea it has such a beautiful grain!

I have picked a very neutral colour pallete of greys , pinks and ivory with accents of copper the reason I decided to use these colours is because they feature heavily with in the scandinavian style I have reaseached.I also am going to layers to my bedding using knited and fur throw also rugs on the floor to soften the contrast of the wood and ivory.The shiny copper accent will bring a warmth tone to the room it will also compliment the wood tones of the stools and beanchs.I am absolutly loving the design , my goal was to orgaised and to not get stressed so I can enjoy it as much as possible which is most important.Let me know if you are taking on any new design projects in 2016?? 

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  • Janelle

    February 6, 2016 at 8:57 am Reply

    Love this moodboard! I can see the scandanavian flair for sure!

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