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How To Plant A Wild Flower Container

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One of my favourite things to do in summer is to get out in the garden and have a refresh of all the pots and planters. This year I have seen a huge garden trend of wild flower planters which I LOVE!! They immediately add impact to your garden and I think they would be perfect to add some colour to a patio garden.

Last year we picked up this big wooden planter box from B&Q to grow veg in but we decided this year not to grow veg so it was sitting there empty and I thought this would be the perfect planter for the job!

We went to our local garden centre and picked up a mix of perennial plants which works well together. Each garden centre has a different selection of plants so stick to a simple colour palette and make sure they are all perennials. The great thing about this wild flower look is you can mix different types of perennials to create a really interesting aesthetic.

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I have lost all the tags for the plants (silly me😂) and I have been searching online to find the names of the plants but I could only find a few.

Plants I used

Astilbe Pink
Delphinium aurora deep purple
Beacon Silver Dead Nettle
Cosmos Flower Pink
Sea Holly

Some of my top tips for planting

  • Line your planter with a container liner. This will not only protect the planter if it is wood but will also give the plants a strong growing base.
  • Stick to a simple 2-3 colour palette
  • Mix different heights and textures. Set some taller plants to the back and have some low ground cover plants which with fill out the planter.
  • Always position your plants in your container first to see where you want them before planting.
  • Water your plant 30 mins before planting.  Also water them after planting.
  • Plant in good quality compost.

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