Our Christmas Tree 2015 - Ella Elizabeth
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Our Christmas Tree 2015


 This year we decided for the first time in my life to get a real Christmas tree. I have never had one before. I know that for most people Christmas starts with the smell of a fresh Christmas tree so I thought I would see what it is all about… I would say I am a convert!

I absolutely am in love with the tree we created. I know it is after Christmas now but I really wanted to share what I have learnt about dressing a real Christmas tree for the first time and it may give you some ideas for next year.

We got our Christmas tree from a place called Norfolk Christmas Trees. They really are the best in Norfolk – a definite recommendation as we went there not really knowing anything about real Christmas trees. The staff there were so helpful. I also asked for some off-cuts for a garland which I made our table garland with.

We set a rough colour palette of champagne golds and whites but also wanted an eclectic feel with unique baubles we found along the way.

I got this bauble from one of my favourite shops 
Bringing the outside in. They were at the Deepdale Christmas market in Burham where we bought some of their decorations. I thought this was so cute as it has a retro feel but fits in perfectly with the tree nestled away amongst the branches. It makes it feel so magical because of the toad stool, I think it is my favourite bauble on the tree.


You always need a little glitter at Christmas and I love these heart decorations from Next as they hang perfectly on the top branches of the tree and glisten when they catch the light.


 The most delicate little glass bird ornament from Quest Gifts in Holt took centre stage on our tree right on the top branch were it can truly show of it beauty. This immediately brings elegance and is perfect for bringing in different textures.

gold and pink

 I also picked this bauble up in the same shop. They came in a set of three and are a little bit pricey but definitely worth it. They are a dusty pink with speckled gold and glitter on the ridges. It has an ORIGAMI feel to its shapes which is unique – that was one of the first things that drew me to them.


Another fabulous bauble from Next. I have seen feathers in baubles a lot this year and they are very much a trend in most stores which I love. These are super sized and are perfect to fill the tree out a bit and add dimension. I recommend mixing the size and shape of baubles to get a really full look to your tree.

I also went to The Range and bought a few big packs of what I like to call filler baubles… the ones that are there to bulk the tree out a bit and are usually smaller than the individual ones you buy. They were super cheap but still looked nice and worked amazingly as they were the perfect colour match. I nestled them far into the tree and on the ends of the branches.

I will say working with a real tree is different… when we were putting it up it was a real family effort and the tree is still a little wonkey!! I never knew how prickly they were either. At some point I was definitely wrestling with the Christmas tree to get it out of the car … wasn’t the most glamorous moment.

If you have never had a real tree and are thinking about getting one next year 100 percent do it!  They smell lovely, the shape, the colour, everything is 100 times better than the fake ones. However be warned the needles will fall and that will be the end of the Christmas fun…! We will of course be getting one next year as it was such a success.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas  – what was your favourite thing you did over the festive season?


  • Anne

    December 31, 2015 at 8:10 am Reply

    Oh I’m so glad you had the chance to have a real three for Christmas! I always have so much decorating ours with my siblings, laughing at all the incredibly ugly decorations when we were kids.
    Your tree looks very beautiful! x

    – Anne | annesmiles.com

    • EllaElizabeth

      December 31, 2015 at 4:50 pm Reply

      Thankyou x

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