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New Art And Design Finds


If you know me you will know that I love finding unique art and design products from independent or small design companies. I thought it was the perfect time to share some recent purchases. I recently took a short break in the Yorkshire Dales and found some of the most gorgeous little shops selling some unusual art and design pieces.

I found some carved wooden stamps from a shop called Burnt Rock in Grassington. It is the kind of shop you go into and never know what you are going to find, These types of shops are sometimes the best. I love to pick up little stamps or printing material so I can have constant inspiration of shapes for creating patterns myself.


I also picked up some fun stickers from The Rustic Rabbit which again is another beautiful shop which has some unique products. These stickers I know will come in handy in the summer for some fun DIYs. I just love how cute and bright they are plus you get a lot of stickers in the pack.

I also wanted to show some appreciation for my little succulent plant that sits on my desk, which to my surprise I haven’t killed yet – Whoop Whoop!! I look at it every day and it is so pretty. I love having plants on my desk as it really adds some life and interest to my work space. Of course I have some pastel pink things in there as well. I had a bit of a creative moment recenly and decided to paint my little stand figure for drawing pastel pink because why not!? I have been painting so much stuff in my office pink… I think it is definitely my new favourite colour.

IMG_5981 IMG_5982IMG_5983Finally I have to talk about some little postcard prints I found in Cromer. I think the little dog type creatures are so cute and I love the colours, especially the pink…!! I love using post cards as art prints as it is a very cheap way to fill you space with art.

It is so important to support local small businesses and designers and for me that is something I really try to do when I am out and about. So the next time you are out take a look in a local shop you have never been in before as you might be pleasantly surprised!IMG_5985


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