My Simple Brunch Recipe - Ella Elizabeth
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My Simple Brunch Recipe


So the other morning I decide to create a brunch recipe. I had a real craving for poached egg and to be honest I have a love/hate relationship with eggs but I wanted to give them a try again. I am so happy I did. The flavours I paired them with made them taste so amazing. This is really a recipe you can WOW your friends and family with. I really like to vary my breakfast and lunch so this was the perfect recipe to do that and it is so simple and comes together very easily.

There is a really nice contrast of crisp bread and soft egg along with the salty bacon and rich balsamic. Also the freshness of the mixed leaf salad cuts through all the flavours perfectly. All the flavours work in harmony and create an amazing brunch for everyone to enjoy.


The great thing about this brunch recipe is you are getting most of your food groups at a very balanced amount. I really try to with every meal if I am having carbohydrates to have protein as it slows the blood sugar rise also I use wholegrain carbohydrates which helps as well. This brunch will really fill you up and keeping you running throughout the day and is the perfect way to start the morning.


1 egg
1 slice of wholegrain bread
2 rashers of bacon
Extra virgin olive oil
Balsamic vinegar
Mixed leaf salad (optional)
Ground Pepper

  1. Firstly you want to start cooking your bacon. I cooked mine on a griddle but you can cook your bacon however you like.
  2. Once the bacon is cooking it is time to boil the water in a kettle for the poached eggs. Next add the boiled water to a pot and have it over a medium to low heat. You only want a light bubble – you don’t want a fierce boil.
  3. Now crack your egg into a small bowl and gently but quickly pour into the water and cook for 2 minutes for a runny egg and up to 4 minutes for a firm egg.
  4. Toast or grill your slice of bread. If you are grilling your bread add a small amount of butter to each side for a real crisp slice.
  5. Finally it is time to plate up. Add your bacon to your bread then add your poached eggs then add the garnish of salad leaves. Then add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar over the salad and egg. Also season with salt and pepper and finish with a sprinkle of parsley.

You can obviously add and take away different things to tailor the recipe to your tastes. You could add tomatoes or use asparagus instead of salad and you could create a simple salad dressing for a stronger flavour.

Happy Brunching!!!

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