My New Favourite Look - Wear It With Confidence - Ella Elizabeth
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My New Favourite Look – Wear It With Confidence


I decide to do a bit of late winter/early spring shopping and I have fallen in love with this outfit I put together. I seriously want to wear it every day!! I wanted to get some different trousers, trying something new and a bit outside my comfort zone. I also really wanted to get a new bag. I love my Longchamp backpack but it is a pain sometimes to take it off your back every time you want to get something out, so I was looking for a simple cross over bag. I found this gorgeous River Island one which was so perfect and will go with literally any outfit. Everything I bought was such great quality and was so comfy too. I am really loving more muted tones and especially loving the colour camel –  it is so rich and instantly brings an outfit together.

Mini Cable Knit Jumper
Linen Blend Striped Utility Tapered Leg Trousers
Pure Cotton Open Front Longline Cardigan
River Island Tassel Fold Over Cross Body

The shape of the trousers are flattering on most figures and sit high waisted with a belt detail. The tapered legs give a elegant shape. I paired them with a mini cable knit with a high neck which I tucked into the trousers to show off the detailed waistband. I have also bought a white shirt to go with these, which is a simple alternative. I wore them simply with some black plimpsoll shoes which I love and wear all the time. I picked mine up from Sainsbury’s. I also have a pair from ASOS t0o.I think it is so important to get outside your comfort zone and experiment with fashion as you never know what will suit you and it can open up so many options.

I never listen to old myths about what curvier girls should and shouldn’t wear. If I like it I wear it. And most of the time the old myths are so wrong and you just shut out some of the most amazing trends, colours and patterns. Like it, Wear it and Wear it with confidence that is my motto!!!

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