My Go To Hairstyle and Styler - Ella Elizabeth
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My Go To Hairstyle and Styler

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To be honest I have never been that good at doing hairstyles and often when I find one I can do I stick to it. The other day I was doing my hair with my tired old straighteners and I got half way through curling my hair when all of a sudden there was no heat! I was left with half curled hair and broken straighteners … luckily I managed to brush the curls out with the help from a little water.
Then I was left with what to do next. I don’t know much about straighteners and I have always bought cheap ones in the past and never really thought anything about it.

I then decided that for once I wanted to invest in some good quality stylers to try and help protect my hair. I stumbled across a ghd counter in John Lewis and got talking to the lady on the counter. I had a little go with the straighteners, and made a very indulgent purchase. I bought myself some platinum ghd straighteners which came as a gift set as they were the Christmas limited edition. They came with a case and a heat resistance mat. They also had £20 off when I bought mine and came with a free gift which is a heat protector and brush worth £30.
My stylers were – ghd Platinum Styling Arctic Gold Gift Set

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My hair is naturally very straight and very thick so some straighteners can’t cope. But the ghd glided perfectly through my hair. My hair feels so silky smooth as well. They contain 3 sensors in each plate which ensures a consistent temperature across the plate which helps prevent hair breakages by over 50 % and can increase shine. This was one of the main features that drew me to them the most as I really want to protect my hair as much as possible.





Relaxed waves is my go-to hairstyle. I have it down to a fine art and can curl all my hair in under 20 minutes which I think is pretty good considering how thick my hair is !!! It took me a little while to get used to the ghds. But once I got confident with them I really started see the difference between cheap and expensive technology – it is so different and my hair feels fantastic after using them. The ghds make my hair feel so smooth and my hair doesn’t feel like it has been burnt.

There are also less breakages with my hair and it doesn’t get caught in the straighteners at all. They tell you they are ready with a clearly identifiable noise and they heat up very quickly which saves so much time.They are easy to manoeuvre to create the curls and my hair holds the curls very well even without hairspray I can get two days out of the style with no retouches.

 I am so happy with these straighteners and really recommend investing in a good quality pair of straighteners because you really want to protect and preserve your hair especially if you are styling your hair regularly. I can already see how much smoother and softer my hair is after using them. They are really worth the money and would definitely recommend them for anyone’s hair type. I used them on my mum who has short and coarser hair and they also created perfect results – she was so happy as well.


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