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My Favourite Natural Soap For Sensitive Skin

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Last weekend me and the family went on a trip out to Snape Maltings which is a gorgeous shopping village on the picturesque banks of the River Alde in Suffolk (obviously I forgot my camera – typical me!😑).
There are lots of individual craft and design shops which were full of wonderful and unique products. I was in one of the craft shops and I stumbled across a little collection of bathing beauty products. They immediately caught my eye because of the beautiful packaging… I love love love pretty packaging!!

As I started reading about the products in the range I became really interested because they are all natural!! (YAY FOR ALL NATURAL!). Georgina Jones founded the business after her son developed eczema and they tried lots of different  products to help calm and not irritate his skin but nothing worked. That is when she started experimenting with handmade and natural treatments. She developed a real passion for making natural skin care. All of her products are a combination of Organic, Fairtrade and home grown ingredients – which is pretty amazing don’t ya think ! 


I absolutely love that every product is handmade at her workshop in North Wales and all the packaging is recyclable and reusable.


Bathing Beauty is everything I love about independent small businesses. There is so much thought and a unique handmade touch in each product. I could go on and on but this post will get way too long. So here is a great interview she did which explains more about her amazing business Bathing Beauty Interview

Now on to the miracle product I have discovered from Bathing beauty.

I have spoken a little bit about my sensitive skin before but one of my biggest struggles is my hands. Whether it is summer, winter or any season my hands are so sensitive and sore. Recently I have noticed that the soaps I have been using to wash my hands have been making them so much worse. So I went out and bought some ‘natural’ soap (or so it claimed to be) but nothing was working and my hands were still so irritated after using them. BUT that is when I found my new EVERYTHING – the Miracle oat and honey soap by Bathing Beauty. Now you may be think I am getting a bit over excited about soap but it is so nice to not feel like my hands are on fire after simply washing them!! If you have sensitive skin you will know the feeling 😂

The first thing I noticed was that the soap lathers perfectly and moisturises the skin without leaving any residue. Also, there isn’t any strong fragrance to the soap which I prefer personally and that is also to do with the ingredients as it is made with honey and organic oats. I was surprised at how much soap you get for the price of £4.00 considering it is handmade. There is so much and it lasts a long time. I love the small flecks of oats in the soap – it makes it look so pretty. I have now also started using the soap in the shower as well because body washes are a no no for my sensitive skin… the struggle is real😂

About The Wonderful Ingredients

One of the amazing qualities of this soap is that it is free from synthetic fragrance oils, parabens and sulphates. This is something I look for when buying skin care.There is also water from the 5th century pilgrimage site; St Dyfnogs Spring in LLanrhaedr. It is reputed to have skin healing properties. To this they add local honey from Pwllglas and organic oatmeal. The ingredient list is short and I know exactly what I am putting on my skin. Each ingredient is there to help your skin not hurt it.

If you suffer from sensitive skin I would 100% recommend this soap, it has really worked for me. I am definitely going to have to try some of their other products. I have my eye on their ladies shaving oil, it sounds amazing!! It is so important to look after your skin and be aware and understand what your skin care is made from because it can affect your skin. I would suggest if you have an interest in natural skin care it is really worth doing a bit of research for ingredients that will work to help your particular sensitivities.

Miracle Oat And Honey Soap – Bathing Beauty

I have really tried to give as much information as I can but still trying to condense it so you don’t feel overwhelmed. You can tell natural skin care is something I am really passionate about😂. I truly hope you can take something away from this post. Let me know in the comments or tweet me if you enjoyed this post and want to see more!!

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