Motivational Monday - Ella Elizabeth
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Motivational Monday

This is a new Monday blog series I am starting up where I will be sharing motivational stories or quotes. We all know how difficult it is to get started on a Monday morning. Monday is really the day which sets the tone of the week for me so for a while now I will stop on a Monday to remind myself to stay motivated and give myself a confidence boost for the week to come which I find really helps!!! In this day and age we focus so much on the negative and never enough on the positive. This is your Monday motivational boost!!!


Today  I am not only going to chose joy  I am also going to chose to appreciate myself which is something we all need to do a little more. Walk out of the house today thinking about how fabulous you are looking and don’t over think it.
I have been using this idea for a while and it has really helped me to stop over thinking how I look. I can guarantee that everyone around you is also worried about how they look and feel self-conscious in some way (what a funny world!). Let Monday be the best day of the week and set you up for the most amazing week you could possibly have!! Have an awesome Monday and stay fabulous!!!


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