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Monday Muse – Pretty Gift Wrapping

pretty wrapping paper 2

Gift wrap is one of my guilty pleasures; I am always picking up gift wrap everywhere I go, (it is starting to take over my studio!) 😂 but I can’t help myself. There are just so many beautiful designs. When I give someone a gift I like to it be a real treat so making it look extra pretty really does that.🎈There are so many different ways you can gift wrap and so many ideas out there I wanted to pick some of my favourites which will hopefully help you out if you are looking for some wrapping inspiration or just want to look at some really pretty pictures!!

1.Luxury Ink Design Wrapping Paper
2.Floral Printable Gift Wrap
3.DIY Abstract Pattern Gift Wrap
4.Spring Flowers Gift Wrapping Ideas
5.Shine Bright Gift Wrapping Idea
6.Confetti Gift Wrapping Idea

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