Mini Steak Pie Canapés - Ella Elizabeth
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Mini Steak Pie Canapés


This year I have decided to make my own canapés because I really fancied a change from heavy and sometimes not a very nice canapés you get at the supermarket. These homemade mini steak pies make a real statement at the Christmas dinner table. I used my normal steak pie recipe along with my pastry recipe to create them. They are very simple and easy to do,

I am going to be making different types of mini pies as well for our Christmas which I can’t wait to do know as I know how easy they are.

To make the filling use your favourite steak pie recipe to suit your family’s taste buds. Top tip for your filling – I love to use Worcester sauce to give it a little zing.

My favourite pastry recipe comes from when my mum was at school in her home economic classes about 30 years ago. It’s crazy thinking this is such an old recipe, but it works and tastes amazing!!!

For this recipe all you need is 4 ingredients – it is really that simple – and it takes no more than 5 minutes to make.


7oz Plain flour
A Pinch of salt
3.50z Butter
7 tbsp of water 

1.Sift flour and salt into a medium sized bowl.
2.Cut the butter into cubes and add to flour
3.Rub in butter with your fingers until it forms a bread crumb consistency
4.Add the water gradually and use a palette knife or table knife to mix it all together until it stacks together in lumps
5.Collect the lumps together with your hands and knead quickly for a few seconds
6.Rest in the fridge for 15mins wrapped in cling film. This will prevent your pastry sticking when it is rolled out.

Once I made the pastry I used mini cupcake tins to create the shape. You will need t0 flour them to prevent the pastry sticking. I love the way the little stars look on the top but of course you can put a full lid on them remember to pierce a hole in the top to release the steam. I cooked them for 15 to 20 minutes and also egg washed them for a golden colour.You will know when they are cooked because the bottoms with be golden.

I am going to freeze the pies for Christmas Day. If you do this you must make sure you let them defrost fully before re-heating. So bring them out Christmas morning or the night before depending what time you want to eat them. They will only take 5 to 10 minutes to reheat.

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