Last Minute DIY Mother's Day Gift - Ella Elizabeth
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Last Minute DIY Mother’s Day Gift

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Mother’s Day for me has always been something that is really special. I enjoy making the day an event and making things special for my mum, especially as she has done so much for me and my brother. Mother’s Day is about showing your love and gratefulness for everything your mum has done for you in your life. You don’t have to buy some big fancy gift to show how much she means – sometimes the best gifts are handmade ones!!!

So this year I wanted to make a handmade gift for her using some old pictures I found of me, my mum and my brother which inspired me for the idea. The other week I saw these frames in Marks and Spencer and knew they would be perfect for this DIY. This is probably one of the easiest DIYs I have ever made and is perfect to do if you want to make something but don’t have enough time to spend hours on it. This has such a personal feel to it and is so sentimental, something your mum can really treasure. You can personalise this as much as you want and can decorate in so many different ways.


You Will Need
Hanging Photo Frame £12.50
Family photos of your choice
Tissue paper
Double sided tape (optional)
Mothers Day cut out words

  1. Cut out your tissue paper shapes. I used circles but you could do anything.
  2. Prepare your frame by wiping the glass making sure it is clean.
  3. Choose your pictures and cut to size if needed and arrange in the frame.
  4. Then add all your accessories, I printed out a Mother’s Day motif and added that too.
  5. You can secure everything with double sided tape if you want but the frame does secure them in place too.
  6. Now you are all done!!! Wrap it up in some decorative paper with a ribbon and it is ready to go to its well deserving receiver.

Tag me on Instgram or Twitter if you recreate this DIY. I would love to see your take on it and have a happy Mother’s Day.

Hope you make it really special for your mum as she deserves it!

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