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How To Style A Bar Cart

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When I was designing our new living room I knew I wanted to have a bar cart but didn’t know how I wanted it to look. As I always do when I need inspiration for a project I go onto my Pinterest and make a board pinning any pictures that may give me some inspiration.
I bought a baby changing table from Ikea for my bar cart. I know it sounds weird but it was only £25 instead of buying one from somewhere else for more like £200! I spray painted it white it and came out really nice.

In our living room we are mixing metals so I have a mixture of silver and brassy gold with accents of aqua blue and pink tones. A lot of the stuff on my bar we have collected over time and picked bits and bobs up here and there. It is so nice to finally see everything all together!!

Here Are My Top Tips For Styling Your Bar Cart

  • Mixing textures – the different textures give your bar visual diversity, making it feel eclectic and unique to you.
  • Use things you already have – this is important as sometimes the most beautiful things were made a long time ago and buying new can be expensive, so go to charity shops or second hand shops to mix in with the new.
  • Space -Try not to overcrowd the top of your bar cart as you need to be able to move things when making or pouring drinks.
  • Plants– Add greenery. Have a trailing ivy or succulents. I believe a room is never finished if it doesn’t have plants.
  • Light-If your bar is big enough add a table lamp which will create a really nice ambiance in the evenings.
  • Shape and Size – Have different heights and sizes – again gives it visual interest. Try to mix round and square shapes so it doesn’t feel boxy.
  • Photographs or Artwork- To add instant impact add an art print or a piece of photography.

I hope these few tips have helped you to decide how to style your bar cart. Be sure to leave a comment with any questions or if you want me to do a full post on our new living room. Go have a look at my Pinterest boards for more inspiration and ideas.

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  • EJ Curtis

    August 21, 2015 at 2:38 pm Reply

    Nice blog!
    I have nominated you for a Liebster Award!

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