Happy Pancake Day !!! - Ella Elizabeth
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Happy Pancake Day !!!

HAPPY PANCAKE DAY!!! For most people Pancake Day conjures up memories of sweet pancakes for breakfast… well for me not so much. I have never liked sweet pancakes and never really celebrated Pancake Day myself however my family always has.This year I was determined to find a pancake recipe I liked and I did! I used a savoury pancake recipe which was so yummy it is for a perfect light lunch or even for breakfast, It was  a SortedFood recipe and was so simple.Pancake Day signifies the start of early spring for me which make me super excited as spring is one of my favourite seasons.IMG_3630 copy

IMG_3541 IMG_3544I love having fresh flowers in the house, I especially love tulips as they are probably one of my favourite flowers.


IMG_3596 IMG_3600 IMG_3603I made a crisp and fresh filling to go with my pancake for my lunch which tasted so delicious. I used a mix of salad leaves which was spinach, watercress and rocket as my base then I added cucumber and red pepper. I topped it off with some grilled halloumi, I have recently discover halloumi and I love it so much, this is the perfect topping to cut through the crispness of the salad and vegetables. I also added some balsamic to add some moisture otherwise the pancake may be a bit dry.I think the pancakes would be amazing with bacon as well!! I am so happy to finally have found a pancake I actually like.

IMG_3618 IMG_3631 IMG_3634

Every Pancake Day in the past I have still had to make sweet pancakes for the rest of my family which I use a Jamie Oliver recipe for American style pancakes which is a big family favorite !! especially when I add chocolate chips.This is the perfect sweet pancake recipe if you are looking for one. I had such a lovely pancake day and I hope you enjoyed yours too!! I would love to know what your traditions are on pancake day??


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