Happy New Year - Ella Elizabeth
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Happy New Year

me in the woods

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  I have been thinking a lot about what my New Year resolutions are and what I want to achieve this year. So I decided to go for a little walk at Felbrigg to have a think. I immediately knew I wanted to post two blog posts a week to really challenge myself to create new and interesting content regularly. Also I want to get healthier this year not just physically but mentally as well. I want to carry on challenging my anxiety and depression and have more positive days than negative ones. My last resolution is to learn to sew. It is something I have always wanted to do but never put the time a side to do it and this year I am going to. I will be documenting my progress on my blog too! My main goal for the whole year is to be happy and enjoy life and try not to get dragged into negativity and try new things, being my own cheerleader, reminding myself I can do it and to not just write things off immediately.

Going out on a walk is a really good way for me to clear my mind and also the puppy really loves it too! Felbrigg is so beautiful and it was the perfect way to start the new year out in the fresh air with my family. It was such a beautiful day even if it was a bit muddy…! I was wearing my new marks and spencers coat which I am so in love with. It is a beautiful green with a grey fur hood and has brass gold detail metalwear. I also had my new izzi rainey tote bag that I got for Christmas. The print is beautiful and they are hand made locally it is the perfect accessory to add to any casual outfit.I hope you all are having an amazing start to the New Year, what are some of your new year’s resolutions?

featherme and feather 2

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