Halloween Ghost Cupcakes - Ella Elizabeth
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Halloween Ghost Cupcakes


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I was trying to figure out what I wanted to make this Halloween and I remember one Halloween my mum made some really sweet cupcakes and I thought why not try changing up that recipe. I am absolutely in love with these cupcakes they are so cute and easy to achieve – these are the perfect Halloween treat!!!


-Your favourite chocolate cupcake recipe
-Swiss meringue icing (This is my favourite recipe to use  Swiss Meringue Recipe)
– Vanilla butter cream Basic Butter Cream Recipe
– Orange food colouring
– Halloween sprinkles or any other decorations of your choice
-Royal icing
-Black food colouring
-Piping bag with round tipped nozzle
-Tooth pick


First you want to make your cupcakes, Swiss meringue icing and butter cream. You want to leave the royal icing till just before you will need it as it will dry too quickly. Once you have made the butter cream you will want to add your orange food colouring. I used a gel natural food colouring and it took a whole small tube, so be aware of that.

Next take a blob of butter cream icing and smooth it out with a teaspoon making a flatish top. Then decorate with your Halloween sprinkles or any other decorations you like. Now you want to make your royal icing following the instructions on the box and then colour the icing black.

Prepare your piping bag by putting your round tip nozzle into the piping bag. I used a silicone piping bag but you can use a disposable one. Fill your piping bag with the Swiss meringue icing.

When piping the ghost shape make sure you keep the piping bag vertical and release pressure as you make the shape taller. Pull the piping bag up slightly and release pressure and repeat to create a rippled effect for the body and release pressure right at the top to make a point at the top.

Finally it is time to put the face onto the meringue ghosts so use the tooth pick and the black icing and make two round eyes and a oval mouth and then you are done!!

You want to put on the icing on the day of your event as sometimes the eyes bleed and don’t look as clean but you will have plenty of meringue icing left over to so you can scrape them off and redo them very easily.

I hope you enjoyed this Recipe!!!  If you make them be sure to send me pictures on Instagram or Twitter.

 Have an amazing Halloween and enjoy lots of sweet treats!!!

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