Gift DIY - Fathers Day Wall Art - Ella Elizabeth
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Gift DIY – Fathers Day Wall Art

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With Father’s Day just around the corner I wanted to create a really unique gift that will make your dad’s Father’s Day really special.  I think homemade gifts are the best!! My dad is the most difficult person to buy presents for because he never wants anything!! So this year I decided to spare myself the torture and make him something instead. He is always fixing things in the house or helping me with a project and he really is an ‘expert’ DIYer (I have learnt from the best)😂. I decided I wanted to create a piece of art to celebrate his love for DIY and to tell him how amazing he is!!

When we were on holiday in the Peak District recently we stumbled across an antique collectors paradise. It was a shop full to bursting of everything known to man. I found a vintage saw which I knew would be perfect for this little project.
This diy is completely customisable!! If you’re not great at hand painting letters you could use stencils, stickers or chalk pens to give the same effect.
 I absolutely love how it turned out and can’t wait to give this to my dad on Father’s Day (not quite sure how I am going to wrap it though…)

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A saw (I found a vintage one but a wooden handled saw from a DIYshop will do)
Masking tape
Coarse sandpaper
Sanding block
Spray paint (I used a grey/blue colour or your choice of colour)
Spray paint primer
Acrylic paint (orange and white)
Different sized paint brushes

1.Firstly start of by sanding down the blade of the saw, using the sanding block will help protect your fingers, but you still need to be really really careful. Once you are happy that the blades are blunt enough you will want to give the saw a good clean with a soapy cloth. Dry the saw really well after.

2.Next cover the wooden handle with masking tape to protect it from being spray painted I also used paper to cover the larger area of the handle. Then spray the saw with the primer-  you want an even coat on both sides. Let the primer dry for the time it says on the back of the can, as each primer is different.

3.Once the primer is dry you can now start spray paint. You will want to do thin coats to create a really even colour. Let the paint dry completely otherwise the acrylic paint won’t stick and it will be a nightmare.

4.Now it is time to start the tricky part which is hand painting your design. I went free style and didn’t plan what I was going to do – I just went for it. I would start by using the ruler to create the geometric lines with a thin paintbrush, let that dry.Then move on to the letters and start painting use different shaped brushes to create different font styles.

Top tip: add a small amount of water to your brush; this will help your brush move easier when doing curly fonts.

That’s it you are all done!! All that is left is to give it to your dad on Father’s Day and hang it on the wall!!

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