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Get The Perfect Spring Garden

Why I Love Gardening?

 I think gardening is good for the soul being out in the fresh air enjoying the sun (not that we get much of it in the UK).Understanding nature is a big thing for me I want to be able to learn from my surroundings. The garden for me is a great stress release and a good work out. Gardening should be something all ages take part in and enjoy, I love the spring because it is the perfect time to get out in the garden and get rid of all the winter weeds. We want our space to be a fun social place which we can enjoy with our family getting the best out of the space we have. Often there is a misconception amongst young people that gardening isn’t cool and only granny’s garden, so now all of our gardens are a dumping ground for our rubbish we don’t want in the house leaving the gardens looking tired and sad.

I have been looking for some modern and unique way to have my garden this year, we moved house recently so it the perfect time to change it up a bit. I think gardens are a difficult thing to navigate being a beginner so I focus on using easy to maintain plants which mean I don’t have to worry about them in the winter  and they  looks after themselves .One thing I do love though is my plant  pots I have so many in the garden. I want to show you some fun, easy ways to plant your pots this spring bringing the life back into your patio or garden. Any age or ability can do this you just need to make time and most of all enjoy it!

Why not recycle your old cans and spray paint them, drill some holes in the bottom to let the water out and plant them up. You could even make them into hanging planters by drilling to holes in each side then loop rope through. Use plants which can cope with cramped conditions like pansies or daffodils.

24 Creative Garden Container Ideas | Tin can planters!

I love succulents and I think this succulent wall is an amazing idea to add a feature on a plain fence somewhere.
Why succulents are great?
 They are great because they stay green all year round and can survive in lots of conditions as long as you use the right soil. Succulents are a little bit pricey so make sure you have  all the information of how to look after them. This would also make a great centre piece for your garden table.

succulent vertical garden

 If you are on a budget maybe can’t afford to buy expensive pretty pots you can simply take a terracotta pot which are really inexpensive and spray paint them or use a waterproof paint. Dip dye pots or ombre in pastel colours bring a spring pop of colour to your garden.

If you want a English country style garden maybe have a patio area and want to have some pots why not use baskets this will give you the instant cute country effect. I think hydrangeas or roses would look really nice in these. You will need plants with a bit of body to them which will fill out the baskets or you can do a display using lots of different flowers.

Leopoldina Haynes Garden, basket planters

Another way of planting is using an old fruit or veg carrier and plant them up. I have these in my garden and really love the way they look. Use and interesting mixes of different colour and types of plants to create depth and interest in the display mixing short, tall, big and small plants. Of course these will not look great all year round but if you want to add an instant pop of colour and impact for spring this is a great way.

Bushels of Spring Flowers - on #SMP here: Erich McVey Photography -

I hope this has given you some ideas of how you can get your garden ready for spring, Click on the images and they will take you to the websites where I found them. I wanted to put together a collection of ideas which I will be doing this spring, I am so looking forward for the weather getting nicer so I can get out in the garden and start planting.

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