Garden Project-Growing Sweet Peas - Ella Elizabeth
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Garden Project-Growing Sweet Peas


Last year we tried and failed to grow a good crop of sweet peas so my mum and I decided this year we are going to start early on try to grow them. Last year we used sweet peas which had already been growing and trained up a bamboo wigwam and were not young seedling IMG_7235plants like we have used this time. When we planted them last time we didn’t put enough string up the bamboo to support them so it stunted their growth and they didn’t produce as many flowers as they normally do . Also we didn’t cut them regularly enough which didn’t help. I think we were very unlucky last year as sweet peas are known for being very easy to grow but sometimes you just have a bad specimen of plant and bad luck. Sweet peas are beautiful and smell amazing. Also they are relatively easy to grow and maintain which is why they are so popular. Here are a few things we have learnt which will help you successfully grow the perfect sweet peas.

We used young seedling plants which we bought from our garden centre. We picked up mixed colours but you can get a variety of single colours too. We planted ours straight into the ground but you can buy other varieties for hanging baskets and containers. We created a wigwam using bamboo and string for the sweet peas to wrap around and grow up; you can also grow them up trellis. You will want to criss-cross the string up and around the bamboo quite a way up as the sweet peas will grow quickly once they get started.


  • Cut the flowers regularly to keep new flowers growing before they produce seed pods.
  • Make sure you add more string and bamboo to the wigwam to keep the plant growth under control when it grows bigger.
  • Grow them in areas with full sunlight or very light dappled shade.
  • Plant the sweet peas in fertile and well drained soil.
  • Water the sweet peas in when planted.

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