Fresh Winter Table Garland - Ella Elizabeth
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Fresh Winter Table Garland

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I wanted to share my garland I made for our Christmas table this year as I am so happy with it. I love table garlands because you can make them for any season. For a Christmas theme I use gypsophila and pine cones as they are both so cheap and can be found everywhere. Also I bought two candelabras from the the white company. They are silver with an antique look to them. They are beautiful, however they are fragile so don’t drop them like I did and have to buy a new one…let’s just say I am a little bit clumsy.

I made the garland with floral wire and tied the Christmas tree branches together building up the shape I wanted –  this is your foundation. Starting at one end tying the branches together then stopping in the middle. After that I started on the other end and once complete I connected them together and built out the centre to blend. You will get a parting in the middle if you don’t do this. You can use any type of foliage and can add any accessories. I really like using flowers in garlands to soften the look and to add some pops of colour. You can also add things like rosemary and dried oranges to give a scent to your garland.

I offset the garland from the table by using a table runner for a nice contrast of textures. I couldn’t find a table runner that I really like so I bought a small throw which I folded to create the size I wanted for the table runner which worked out great as on Christmas Day we had two tables together to fit all the family so I could make the runner bigger to fit the proportions.The garland can last up to 2 weeks however most of the foliage will last a week but do check the date on them or ask your florist to make sure. Also mist with some water to keep it the colour vibrant also it will help to keep the pines on.

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