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Finding Your Personal Style

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Finding your style can be tricky at first but once you understand your body and what compliments you the world is your oyster.
First you want to figure out what body shape you are which I know can be quite daunting but this then means you can figure out which compliments you body shape the best and how to accentuate your figure.

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– SLENDER – Your bust and hips are roughly the same size and you don’t have a defined waist. You will want to look at dresses that will give you a waist to bring a feminine look. You also have the benefit that you can look at backless dresses that are very elegant. You can make a dress create shape throughout your body.

– ATHLETIC – Your shoulders may be wider than your hips and your body is toned. You will want to look at dresses that will soften your look. You will probably want to avoid drop waist dresses. The great thing for you is that you have a great body which can make many style of dress look beautiful.

– HOURGLASS – Your bust and hips should be fuller and your waist will be defined. You are very lucky if you are hourglass as nearly all dress styles will look amazing on you. I recommend that you show off that fabulous small waist of yours. Really use your figure to its potential when picking a dress.

– PEAR – Your hips should be wider than your shoulders. You want to downplay your hips and draw attention to your shoulders and bust. Maybe looking at a ball gown dress with heavily beaded corset. Empire or off the shoulder look will also have this effect and balance your figure.

– APPLE – You are top heavy you will have a fuller chest and stomach. You will also have slimmer legs. So the key here is to disguise the top half and show off the bottom half. Dress styles to look at are low necklines, V-Neck or Sweetheart. Even considering a short tee-dress to show off those amazing legs. Empire and A-Line are classic looks that will also flatter you.

 Fashion Styles

Here are a few examples of outfits and styles you can take inspiration from. I love wearing comfy clothes, I don’t like a lot of fuss so my outfits are simple. I am very much into a simple casual style. Also if you like different styles mix them together and take elements from each. The big thing is wear things you feel comfortable in. But don’t be afraid to experiment with your style and take a friend shopping with you to get suggestions, opinions, support and to have fun (because we all know clothes shopping can be stressful at times).




Style Icons

Sometimes it is really good to have style icons to take inspiration from, to look at their outfits and see how they are put together and what colours or accessories they use. It is good to have something to refer to if you feel like you are losing your way a little.

style icons

 Once you have inspiration and a vision everything will fall into place  – trust me !!! It took me a while trying to figure out what my style was but these were a few steps which helped me figure it out.

I really hope this has helped you in some way, there is no easy way as it is very much a personal journey. You will find out over time but this will give you the best starting place to build some foundations for your style to develop.Be sure to leave and comment and subscribe to my blog to get updated when I post !!!


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