Finding Colour In Winter - Ella Elizabeth
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Finding Colour In Winter


This week I took a short trip down to Essex to visit my auntie. She really wanted to take me to her gardeners club as we both love gardening and plant. Also they have the biggest selection of plants which was amazing. I was surprised at the amount of colourful plants there are during winter time. Normally, during winter, most people don’t venture out into the garden much and most gardens look very bare and colourless but you can simply add a few decorative pots or hanging winter baskets to bring some colour and life back into your garden.


I found these gorgeous ‘baby blue’ spruce trees. I have never seen anything like these before they are the perfect plant to bring some colour into the garden for winter.



I absolutely love using bedding plants during winter as they add an instant burst of colour. My favourites are winter pansies as they are just so cute and dainty especially the mini ones.

IMG_3146 IMG_3160 IMG_3171


I am also still so obsessed with this coat I got from Marks and Spencer but I haven’t been able to find it online anywhere. So if you like it you may have to have a hunt around in your local store. I went a bit coat crazy this winter and bought 3 different coats but I have used them so much which makes me feel better about being a coat hoarder.

The garden centre had a large range of house plants which made me so happy!! I love house plants and I bought a few plants for my room which I hope I can keep alive, especially the orchid as it is so beautiful. I don’t have the best track record with managing to keep house plants alive!



IMG_2911So many pretty colours…


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