DIY Spring Hanging Terrarium - Ella Elizabeth
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DIY Spring Hanging Terrarium


Finally it is spring!! Even if the weather doesn’t feel very spring-like a big focus for me during spring is my home. I like to make it feel renewed. I have a bit of a clear out and then add some fresh spring touches to my decor. My favourite touch is to add some tulips to my dining room table. However things are a bit different this spring as we are having a major spring clean out and redecorating & changing up our kitchen/ diner which is the beating hub of our home. I will share the finished project soon.

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I have been seeing terrariums everywhere especially in 2015 they were a real trend and I definitely think they are trend which is here to stay…at least I hope so. I decided to make myself a sort of terrarium with a spring theme. I didn’t want the fuss of having to source too many thing so I decided I was going to use only moss –  I didn’t want any living plants as my track record of keeping plants alive is pretty poor. I also took a trip down memory lane to get the plastic rabbit figure and went to Toys r Us. It was so funny to reminisce about all the Barbies, dolls and puzzles I used to have. I of course had to add some pastel colours in there with these cute mini eggs I found at Hobbycraft. What is spring without some pastel pinks!!

IMG_4519 IMG_4521 IMG_4529

Glass hanging terrarium 11cm
* I found mine in a local shop but you can find them on Ebay
Moss- I used reindeer moss
Plastic rabbit figure
Mini polystyrene eggs
Hot glue or any other strong glue I used copydex

Well it is as simple as putting everything into your hanging glass in the arrangement you want.
I have a few tips, which worked for me and will help you

  • I stuck some moss to the bottom of the rabbit to help to fit the moss as it was falling over a bit.
  • Also I cut the eggs in half as they were a little big for the arrangement and threw off the look.
  • Also I used scissors as tweezers to help me manoeuvre all the little items in the glass, as the opening is quite small.

And to be honest it just takes a bit of time to get it the way you want. Once you have got it, all that is left is to hang it up for which I used some spring coloured ribbon I found at John Lewis.I absolutely love how this looks. It is the perfect little terrarium for Easter. You can customise this by adding rocks and soil like a traditional terrarium. If you can’t find a hanging terrarium, you can always do this in a jar.

IMG_4579 IMG_4566

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