DIY Cute Christmas Advent Calendar - Ella Elizabeth
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DIY Cute Christmas Advent Calendar

adventhouses zoom
I really loved creating this DIY project. It is simple and you don’t need a lot of things to create it. I wanted to have an advent calender that actually looks good and which also in its self becomes a christmas decoration. The great thing about making your own advent calender is you can put whatever you want into them. My mum used to put bracelets and toys into mine when I was little. So for me there is something quiet nostalgic about having an advent calender even though I am at the age were I don’t really need one anymore!

Flat lay houses

24 Brown Paper Bags
Black Pens
Masking Tape
Double Sided Tape
Small Clothes Pegs
White Acrylic Paint
Paint Brushes
Chocolate Coins
(or whatever you favourite christmas chocolate is )

  1. First you want to cut the top of your bag and then fold the side to create the right width for the house. Use your double-sided tape to secure the inside of the fold and then secure the folded sided to the back of your house.


2. Next fold two corners to create the roof for your house.


3. Now use masking tape to create the rectangle door shape onto the house. Make sure you stick the masking tape down well so the paint doesn’t go under the tape. Paint the door white with the acyrlic paint and then remove the masking tape carefully.


4. Now it is time to decorate,. You can make them as simple or as decorative as you want. I used a black pen to decorate and outline the door to hide any imperfections. Once you have decorated the house let it dry. Once dry place your chocolate treat into the bags. Then use your double sided tape on the two folded corners to secure the bag shut. Finally you cut 4 pieces of twine the same length sufficient to fit 6 houses on and hang were you want.

full view

You can change the colours to fit your christmas colour scheme. I just really love the white, black and brown look. You may be wondering if they can be reused ? Well the answer is yes as long as you are careful when opening them. This DIY project was really fun to make and looks great. It is the perfect addition to anyone’s christmas decorations.



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