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DIY Copper Guttering Strawberry Planter

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I don’t know about you but one of my favourite things about summer is STRAWBERRIES!! Last year we had a go at growing them and it didn’t really work out. So this year I was determined to grow them again and to get lots of delicious sweet strawberries. I also thought it would be the perfect time to create a little DIY planter for them as why not have them looking good as well as tasting good. I went straight to Pinterest and looked up different ways you can grow strawberries. I had seen people using guttering on the wall to grow lettuce and I thought this would be perfect for strawberries as they would be at the perfect picking height!

All the pictures of the guttering planters I was looking at showed them with the original plastic colour which is white or black but I didn’t think that it was very attractive so I decided to figure out a way to paint them without having to do anything complicated. Thank goodness for the internet as I found out that using sand paper is a simple way to help spray paint adhere to plastic and it worked perfectly!! The planter is now hanging proudly on the fence in our garden centre stage. I am so so…so…so happy with how it turned out!! Obviously you don’t have to plant strawberries as you can use this as you would a hanging basket and pack it full of colourful plants. If you have a small garden or don’t have planting space in the ground this is the perfect way to add some life and colour to your garden space. Also having fruit or veg growing on the wall prevents pests like slugs and anything else that might take a liking to the strawberries.


You will find strawberries at all of your local garden centres at this time of year. It is best to plant strawberries now as it gives them the best chance of producing lots of fruit as they have lots of time to mature, grow and become strong. I got my strawberry plants from Highways Garden Centre. They have a huge variety of fruit and veg plants also they were really well priced at £1.50 a plant which is the cheapest I have seen!! You can buy all the same type of strawberry plants so you get lots of fruit or you can do a variety mix so the strawberry plants will fruit at different times so you won’t get as many ripening at the same time. I went for the Elan strawberries type because they are easy to grow and work best in a hanging basket so they will drape over the edge of the planter nicely as they have lots of space. They will fruit between June and October producing lots of yummy strawberries.IMG_8321IMG_8210 IMG_8218 IMG_8261 

Square plastic guttering

Guttering stop ends
Guttering brackets
Copper spray paint
Medium sandpaper
Strawberry plants

  1. First sand the guttering; you want it to have a slight roughness for the spray paint to stick. Don’t sand the brackets or guttering ends however if you want to spray paint them they will need sanding.
  2. Then wipe the guttering with some damp kitchen roll to get off all the dust.
  3.  Next it is time to spray paint your guttering. Spray thin layers of paint to create an even colour, if you don’t want copper hand I would suggest wearing gloves and old clothes as spray paint does get everywhere.I wish I had spent longer spray painting so I would have had a thicker paint coat as the paint scratched off in some places. Let the spray paint dry for a few hours.
  4. After that you will want to drill drainage holes into the bottom of your guttering. I used a large drill bit and placed the base of the guttering on the ground so when I drilled it would go into the grass, it acts as natural buffer so you don’t get the drill stuck. I made a hole every 16 cm or so.
  5. This is also the time if you want to cut the guttering to do so; I measured by eye and used a hand saw to saw off to the length I wanted. Place the 2 brackets to the middle of the guttering then add the end pieces.
  6. Next screw onto a wall or fence. Finally plant up your strawberry plants, you will want to buy small strawberry plant to fit them in the gutter however I teased some of the roots out to fit them into our planter. Cover with compost all the way to the top of the guttering.

And you’re finished! I know it sound like lots of stuff to do but it really doesn’t take long at all. All that is left now is to water the strawberry plants in and let them grow and enjoy lots of yummy strawberries!!!

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