DIY Felt Cactus Party Garland - Ella Elizabeth
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DIY Felt Cactus Party Garland

One of the biggest trends at the moment is Cactuses. People have really gone cactus crazy (me included). If you go one my pinterest party board you will see a whole heap of cactus party inspiration pictures!! I wanted to create a party garland which would be perfect to have at a tropical party. The garland is so simple to make and a great party DIY for anyone to try!!!


IMG_8888 IMG_8892 IMG_8896 IMG_8900IMG_9018

2 green sheets of felt
pink string
copydex glue or hot glue
Sharp scissors (fabric scissors work really well)
printed out Cactus silhouette
Sharp pencil

1.Print out a cactus shape silhouette you would like; I went onto Google images and found one. You will also want to make it the size you would like. Printing the cactus shape onto card makes the best template but you can use paper but it will just be a bit tricky to trace on the felt.
2.Next trace out the cactus shape onto the felt using a sharp pencil. Fit as many as you can onto the felt. I used 2 sheets of green felt but if you want the garland longer you will need more felt. Then cut all the cactus shapes out with sharp scissors.

3.Measure out the length of string you will need, I laid all the cactus shapes out the distance apart I wanted, then I laid the string down to find out the exact length I would need. I also left a generous amount on each end for creating a loop.

4.Now it is time to stick the felt to the string. You will want to make sure all the cactus arms are facing the same way and that any pencil marks are removed or facing the same side you will be sticking the string to.

5.Place a dot of glue under and over the string and repeat this for each cactus. They will take about an hour to dry properly. That’s it you are all finished and ready to decorate for a fun and tropical a party!!!

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