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How To Plant A Wild Flower Container

IMG_0407 IMG_0442

One of my favourite things to do in summer is to get out in the garden and have a refresh of all the pots and planters. This year I have seen a huge garden trend of wild flower planters which I LOVE!! They immediately add impact to your garden and I think they would be perfect to add some colour to a patio garden.

Last year we picked up this big wooden planter box from B&Q to grow veg in but we decided this year not to grow veg so it was sitting there empty and I thought this would be the perfect planter for the job!

We went to our local garden centre and picked up a mix of perennial plants which works well together. Each garden centre has a different selection of plants so stick to a simple colour palette and make sure they are all perennials. The great thing about this wild flower look is you can mix different types of perennials to create a really interesting aesthetic.

IMG_0453 IMG_0469

I have lost all the tags for the plants (silly me😂) and I have been searching online to find the names of the plants but I could only find a few.

Plants I used

Astilbe Pink
Delphinium aurora deep purple
Beacon Silver Dead Nettle
Cosmos Flower Pink
Sea Holly

Some of my top tips for planting

  • Line your planter with a container liner. This will not only protect the planter if it is wood but will also give the plants a strong growing base.
  • Stick to a simple 2-3 colour palette
  • Mix different heights and textures. Set some taller plants to the back and have some low ground cover plants which with fill out the planter.
  • Always position your plants in your container first to see where you want them before planting.
  • Water your plant 30 mins before planting.  Also water them after planting.
  • Plant in good quality compost.

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The Easiest Summer Picnic Canopy DIY


Last weekend was so beautiful and sunny, so the family and I decide to have a lazy weekend gardening and diying. I love picnics and thought why not have a garden picnic. So I made a little DIY canopy tent, which was probably the cutest thing I have ever made!! The picnic really rounded off the perfect summer day. I made the tent really comfy by adding some squishy cushions and a little cuddly animal … because why not!! I also added a soft grey blanket, which was originally a throw and it made the perfect picnic blanket. The little canopy would be perfect for a kid’s summer party as well as a picnic. I raided our party box to see what decorations I could find and I hit the party jackpot with the gorgeous honeycomb balls and felt garlands. This picnic canopy really brought out my inner child. I remember having such lovely picnics with my family when I was younger.

I made a huge jug of iced lemon, lime and cucumber water; it is so refreshing on a hot day – we went though it so quickly. I sliced some yummy local tomatoes up to go with my sandwich that I made with some barbecued sausages and spinach in crunchy fresh French bread – it was so delicious!!! Now it’s time for the super easy DIY canopy …


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Garden Project-Growing Sweet Peas


Last year we tried and failed to grow a good crop of sweet peas so my mum and I decided this year we are going to start early on try to grow them. Last year we used sweet peas which had already been growing and trained up a bamboo wigwam and were not young seedling IMG_7235plants like we have used this time. When we planted them last time we didn’t put enough string up the bamboo to support them so it stunted their growth and they didn’t produce as many flowers as they normally do . Also we didn’t cut them regularly enough which didn’t help. I think we were very unlucky last year as sweet peas are known for being very easy to grow but sometimes you just have a bad specimen of plant and bad luck. Sweet peas are beautiful and smell amazing. Also they are relatively easy to grow and maintain which is why they are so popular. Here are a few things we have learnt which will help you successfully grow the perfect sweet peas.

We used young seedling plants which we bought from our garden centre. We picked up mixed colours but you can get a variety of single colours too. We planted ours straight into the ground but you can buy other varieties for hanging baskets and containers. We created a wigwam using bamboo and string for the sweet peas to wrap around and grow up; you can also grow them up trellis. You will want to criss-cross the string up and around the bamboo quite a way up as the sweet peas will grow quickly once they get started.READ MORE

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Buying Local Produce

IMG_6467 IMG_6533

At the start of 2016 we made a pledge to try to buy local produce and quickly struggled as supermarkets are convenient and right on our door step – but this doesn’t fit with me or my family’s ethical views. As you all know I love cooking and things taste better when you use good quality ingredients. So I decided to try some fruit and vegetables from the Norfolk Veg Box which is a local Norfolk business that delivers local produce to you. We don’t have a farm shop nearby so this is the perfect option for our family.READ MORE

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Happy Pancake Day !!!

HAPPY PANCAKE DAY!!! For most people Pancake Day conjures up memories of sweet pancakes for breakfast… well for me not so much. I have never liked sweet pancakes and never really celebrated Pancake Day myself however my family always has.This year I was determined to find a pancake recipe I liked and I did! I used a savoury pancake recipe which was so yummy it is for a perfect light lunch or even for breakfast, It was  a SortedFood recipe and was so simple.Pancake Day signifies the start of early spring for me which make me super excited as spring is one of my favourite seasons.IMG_3630 copy

IMG_3541 IMG_3544I love having fresh flowers in the house, I especially love tulips as they are probably one of my favourite flowers.READ MORE

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Happy New Year

me in the woods

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  I have been thinking a lot about what my New Year resolutions are and what I want to achieve this year. So I decided to go for a little walk at Felbrigg to have a think. I immediately knew I wanted to post two blog posts a week to really challenge myself to create new and interesting content regularly. Also I want to get healthier this year not just physically but mentally as well. I want to carry on challenging my anxiety and depression and have more positive days than negative ones. My last resolution is to learn to sew. It is something I have always wanted to do but never put the time a side to do it and this year I am going to. I will be documenting my progress on my blog too! My main goal for the whole year is to be happy and enjoy life and try not to get dragged into negativity and try new things, being my own cheerleader, reminding myself I can do it and to not just write things off immediately.READ MORE

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