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Buying Local Produce

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At the start of 2016 we made a pledge to try to buy local produce and quickly struggled as supermarkets are convenient and right on our door step – but this doesn’t fit with me or my family’s ethical views. As you all know I love cooking and things taste better when you use good quality ingredients. So I decided to try some fruit and vegetables from the Norfolk Veg Box which is a local Norfolk business that delivers local produce to you. We don’t have a farm shop nearby so this is the perfect option for our family.

We decided to go for the veg box, fruit box and salad box. Each of the boxes have enough in them for a family of four for a week. They use seasonal produce from Norfolk and also use a small amount of bought in fruit and veg from other areas as not everything can be grown in the Norfolk or the UK.

After ordering we got an email telling us what time our boxes would be delivered and they turned up right on time. The delivery was efficient and friendly.
That night we tried some of the veg from the salad box with our homemade burgers. The tomatoes were delicious and everything was lovely and fresh.
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I absolutely loved the
 carrots as they actually taste of carrot instead of a watery nothingness. We also got some celeriac in the veg box which we have never had before. I made some celeriac mash which tastes amazing as it was so sweet and worked perfectly with the lamb we had. All the fruit and vegetables we have eaten which are local have a stronger and more intense taste.

As much as we can we buy from local businesses recently we also starting buying from an organic free range butchers. You can tell the difference in quality as the meat isn’t full of water and it has real flavour and texture. It is really important to know where your food comes from, as there is so much processed food that we really don’t know what has been added to it. I try to make as much fresh and homemade things for our family. I am now the chef of the house.

We still have lots of fruit and veg left to try but so far I am really impressed and we are going to order some more for next week. I have been creating lots of new recipes with the ingredients and can’t wait to share them with you. There are lots of initiatives like this around the UK so have look online for something in your area.

Products featured in this post

Large veg box

Salad box

Fruit box

They deliver across most of Norfolk – Find if they deliver to you HERE

  • Christie

    March 31, 2016 at 11:54 am Reply

    I just found your blog looking for other local bloggers and I am impressed with your lovely photos! I hope they deliver to me as I would love to get some fresh fruit and veg :).

    Christie x

    • EllaElizabeth

      April 1, 2016 at 5:23 pm Reply

      Thankyou !! X I love doing the photos for my blog so much X I hope they deliver to you, as their produce is so good.We just got our top up delivery today X

  • Genevieve Beck

    April 6, 2016 at 11:08 am Reply

    So glad you enjoyed our boxes! We do recipes with our small and medium boxes as well so if you ever have any recipes you’d like to share, we’d more than happy to recommend them. Keep us up to date with your local veg adventure? We can’t wait for your next order 🙂

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