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Ella Elizabeth

My New Favourite Look – Wear It With Confidence


I decide to do a bit of late winter/early spring shopping and I have fallen in love with this outfit I put together. I seriously want to wear it every day!! I wanted to get some different trousers, trying something new and a bit outside my comfort zone. I also really wanted to get a new bag. I love my Longchamp backpack but it is a pain sometimes to take it off your back every time you want to get something out, so I was looking for a simple cross over bag. I found this gorgeous River Island one which was so perfect and will go with literally any outfit. Everything I bought was such great quality and was so comfy too. I am really loving more muted tones and especially loving the colour camel –  it is so rich and instantly brings an outfit together.READ MORE

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Finding Colour In Winter


This week I took a short trip down to Essex to visit my auntie. She really wanted to take me to her gardeners club as we both love gardening and plant. Also they have the biggest selection of plants which was amazing. I was surprised at the amount of colourful plants there are during winter time. Normally, during winter, most people don’t venture out into the garden much and most gardens look very bare and colourless but you can simply add a few decorative pots or hanging winter baskets to bring some colour and life back into your garden.


I found these gorgeous ‘baby blue’ spruce trees. I have never seen anything like these before they are the perfect plant to bring some colour into the garden for winter.



I absolutely love using bedding plants during winter as they add an instant burst of colour. My favourites are winter pansies as they are just so cute and dainty especially the mini ones.READ MORE

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Restyling My Bedroom- How To Create A MoodBoard

So I have embarked on a new adventure this month which was re designing and decorationing my bedroom which I have been waiting to do this for so long but wanted to make sure I was 100 percent sure on the design I wanted.For a lot of people re designing their space can be really intimerdating and it is so easy to go off track of your design and waste money which can make the process super stressful! I am going to share with you all some of the things I have learnt through my design process, I am going to split my bedroom process and final reveal into 3 posts.

I took so much time trying to find the right style for my room , I started off looking at pintrest it is a amazing place to find inspiration and ideas being able to put them into one place.I researched lots of different styles from botanical,industraial,cosy etc.I decided to have a strong scandinavian influence also infusing that with my own personal style.Once i decide my style i created a pintrest board Scandinavian Bedroom Board where I put any picture that inspired me here are a few examples of images that have shaped the look of my room.

I then decided to make a mood board which I use for refrence when I go out shopping for things , so I keep the image on my phone which is a great way to ensure you aren’t going to go off track and buy somthing random which doesn’t work with your theme.I already have a bed and wardrobe so I added thoughs peices onto the mood board I then look at things I would want to buy from ikea which are the stools and beanch , also I added other things which I may get or want somthing similar like the copper light etc.I made my mood board on photoshop so that I could have the image as a jpg file for trafering it to my phone but I also do use word aswell which works well enough to.


bedroom moodboardREAD MORE

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DIY Felt Garland

IMG_1321 copy
IMG_1319 copy

It seems like I have been posting a lot of garland DIYs recently but I couldn’t resist posting this one I made the other day. I have never tried felting before but when I was in Saffron Walden I found some felting bits and bobs from a cute little craft shop and decided to give it a go. I was binge watching Stella on Sky while making this. I have fallen in love with this Sky orginal series and definitely recomnend it if you are looking for a new series to watch! Anyway back to the felting … this is probably one of the easiest DIY projects to try. I am so happy with how it turned out. I went a bit crazy and made so many.

Felting Needles
Felting Wool (colours of your choice)
A Felting Pad
Sewing Needle

Take a small ball of felting wool and scrunch it into a ball. Then using your felting needles tap continuously to create the shape and firmness you want. Then build up the size by adding more wool using the felting needle to attach the pieces together. It is a very simple technique – just be careful not to cut yourself with the needle as they are razor sharp.

Once you have made enough balls from your wool it is time to bring it all together. I used some simple sewing thread and a needle threading each ball onto the thead. You can measure the exact length you want or can just keep it attached to the reel so you can change the length as needed. Once you have finished threading everything you will need to tie it off by creating a simple cross stitch on the end ball. Create a loop on the end to hang the garland up with.

full copyREAD MORE

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My Winter Minestrone Soup Recipe

IMG_1913 copyIMG_1916 copy

It has all of a sudden got super cold in the UK and all I want is warming winter food. So I thought it would be a great time to share this recipe I love so much. It is my number one go to winter recipe for dinner or lunch. I really am really in favour of making my own soups. They taste so much better than shop bought. I know it seem so much easier to get the supermarket ones but they have no health benefits they are full of all the bad things!! You may think making soup is a lot of work, but it’s not. You can use all your leftovers to create a soup so easily. But start with a simple Minestrone soup which you can freeze to last you through the winter and for you to eat fresh and stay healthy. It can be so simple but prep is the key and soup is the perfect starter.

1 medium onion
2 medium carrots
1/2 a courgette
1/2 cup of peas
A few handfuls of chopped cabbage
2 cans of chopped tomatoes
1 pint of any kind of stock
1 pint of water
2 table spoons of Extra Virgin olive oil
worcester sauce
dried parsley
A few handfuls of spaghetti (broken in to pieces)

1.First prep all the vegetables by cutting into small diced cubes. Next fry off the onions in some olive oil until golden brown then add all the vegetables and fry until soft.READ MORE

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Happy New Year

me in the woods

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  I have been thinking a lot about what my New Year resolutions are and what I want to achieve this year. So I decided to go for a little walk at Felbrigg to have a think. I immediately knew I wanted to post two blog posts a week to really challenge myself to create new and interesting content regularly. Also I want to get healthier this year not just physically but mentally as well. I want to carry on challenging my anxiety and depression and have more positive days than negative ones. My last resolution is to learn to sew. It is something I have always wanted to do but never put the time a side to do it and this year I am going to. I will be documenting my progress on my blog too! My main goal for the whole year is to be happy and enjoy life and try not to get dragged into negativity and try new things, being my own cheerleader, reminding myself I can do it and to not just write things off immediately.READ MORE

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Fresh Winter Table Garland

grland image 6garland image 1

I wanted to share my garland I made for our Christmas table this year as I am so happy with it. I love table garlands because you can make them for any season. For a Christmas theme I use gypsophila and pine cones as they are both so cheap and can be found everywhere. Also I bought two candelabras from the the white company. They are silver with an antique look to them. They are beautiful, however they are fragile so don’t drop them like I did and have to buy a new one…let’s just say I am a little bit clumsy.

I made the garland with floral wire and tied the Christmas tree branches together building up the shape I wanted –  this is your foundation. Starting at one end tying the branches together then stopping in the middle. After that I started on the other end and once complete I connected them together and built out the centre to blend. You will get a parting in the middle if you don’t do this. You can use any type of foliage and can add any accessories. I really like using flowers in garlands to soften the look and to add some pops of colour. You can also add things like rosemary and dried oranges to give a scent to your garland.

I offset the garland from the table by using a table runner for a nice contrast of textures. I couldn’t find a table runner that I really like so I bought a small throw which I folded to create the size I wanted for the table runner which worked out great as on Christmas Day we had two tables together to fit all the family so I could make the runner bigger to fit the proportions.The garland can last up to 2 weeks however most of the foliage will last a week but do check the date on them or ask your florist to make sure. Also mist with some water to keep it the colour vibrant also it will help to keep the pines on.

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Our Christmas Tree 2015


 This year we decided for the first time in my life to get a real Christmas tree. I have never had one before. I know that for most people Christmas starts with the smell of a fresh Christmas tree so I thought I would see what it is all about… I would say I am a convert!

I absolutely am in love with the tree we created. I know it is after Christmas now but I really wanted to share what I have learnt about dressing a real Christmas tree for the first time and it may give you some ideas for next year.

We got our Christmas tree from a place called Norfolk Christmas Trees. They really are the best in Norfolk – a definite recommendation as we went there not really knowing anything about real Christmas trees. The staff there were so helpful. I also asked for some off-cuts for a garland which I made our table garland with.

We set a rough colour palette of champagne golds and whites but also wanted an eclectic feel with unique baubles we found along the way.

I got this bauble from one of my favourite shops 
Bringing the outside in. They were at the Deepdale Christmas market in Burham where we bought some of their decorations. I thought this was so cute as it has a retro feel but fits in perfectly with the tree nestled away amongst the branches. It makes it feel so magical because of the toad stool, I think it is my favourite bauble on the tree.

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Mini Steak Pie Canapés


This year I have decided to make my own canapés because I really fancied a change from heavy and sometimes not a very nice canapés you get at the supermarket. These homemade mini steak pies make a real statement at the Christmas dinner table. I used my normal steak pie recipe along with my pastry recipe to create them. They are very simple and easy to do,

I am going to be making different types of mini pies as well for our Christmas which I can’t wait to do know as I know how easy they are.READ MORE

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