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Ella Elizabeth

DIY Easter Treat Jars


Easter for me is one of my favourite seasons not only because of all the Easter eggs but also because of the cute crafts I like to make and the pastel colours. I wanted to create a different type of gift you can make and give to some this Easter instead of a shop-bought Easter egg. These treat jars are really cheap and simple to make and are perfect for an Easter party or to give to friends and family as you can customise them for each person. You don’t have to use the jars for sweets you could also use them as storage or put little treats and toys in them for an Easter gift jar.READ MORE

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DIY Spring Hanging Terrarium


Finally it is spring!! Even if the weather doesn’t feel very spring-like a big focus for me during spring is my home. I like to make it feel renewed. I have a bit of a clear out and then add some fresh spring touches to my decor. My favourite touch is to add some tulips to my dining room table. However things are a bit different this spring as we are having a major spring clean out and redecorating & changing up our kitchen/ diner which is the beating hub of our home. I will share the finished project soon.READ MORE

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The Most Chocolatey Cupcake Recipe


I don’t know about you but I am a chocoholic and also I love baking. I find it so therapeutic and relaxing. Over the last few years I have been really honing my baking skills and trying out loads of recipes as well as creating some of my own.

This one is a family recipe that has been passed down to me and I have tweaked it to make the most delicious chocolate cupcake recipe. I have used this recipe for so long now, it is tried and tested. The cupcakes taste amazing and are really easy to make. This is the perfect cupcake recipe for a first time baker.

The cupcakes are really rich and the chocolate chips add fudgy textures to the sponge. Also they are really nice to eat when they just out the oven with the warm melted gooey chocolate chips.

IMG_4343 IMG_4365

These are the perfect cupcakes for any occasion and they are really easy to customise. For example, you could add white chocolate chips as well for a double chocolate dose.

You can decorate them however you want as well. The icing is really easy to pipe however I just use two teaspoons and dollop the icing on and smooth it out to create a nice shape which is so easy.

IMG_4374 IMG_4381 IMG_4404READ MORE

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Last Minute DIY Mother’s Day Gift

IMG_4197 IMG_4206 IMG_4208

Mother’s Day for me has always been something that is really special. I enjoy making the day an event and making things special for my mum, especially as she has done so much for me and my brother. Mother’s Day is about showing your love and gratefulness for everything your mum has done for you in your life. You don’t have to buy some big fancy gift to show how much she means – sometimes the best gifts are handmade ones!!!READ MORE

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Comfy And Casual


A few weeks ago I went on a little shopping spree and picked up a few bits and kind of fell in love with this oatmeal coloured knit jumper. I have been wearing it so much and thought it was only right to share it with you too!! Comfy outfits are really the best for winter… I have never really worn an oatmeal colour before but I was pleasantly surprised with how it looked. I always thought it would make my skin look drained but it am loving how it actually complements my skin tone plus it is the perfect winter colour. I love how oversized and chunky the knit is. I rolled back the sleeves to give it a preppy look. It is so warm and is the outfit I turn to when I don’t know what to wear. I also layered it with my Marks and Spencer’s burnt orange coat which I am also obsessed with. The colours tone in perfectly together. My jegging are also from Marks and Spencer’s. Generally I have a really hard time finding jeans that are comfy and therefore find it quite stressful shopping for them. So I have bought the same style of jegging from M&S for so long now…READ MORE

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My Go To Hairstyle and Styler

IMG_3899 IMG_3853

To be honest I have never been that good at doing hairstyles and often when I find one I can do I stick to it. The other day I was doing my hair with my tired old straighteners and I got half way through curling my hair when all of a sudden there was no heat! I was left with half curled hair and broken straighteners … luckily I managed to brush the curls out with the help from a little water.
Then I was left with what to do next. I don’t know much about straighteners and I have always bought cheap ones in the past and never really thought anything about it.READ MORE

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The Easiest Vanilla Biscuit Recipe


I have always struggled making biscuits but this is my go to recipe every time as it is so simple and quick. I love how versatile the recipe is. You can add chocolate chips, different flavouring like lemon or orange. I cut my out into little heart shapes for valentines  – these would also make a perfect valentines gift for a person who has a sweet tooth.

These are not the best biscuits if you want to cut intricate shapes out as they spread a little when they bake. But once they are out of the oven I re-cut them which is so easy and just gives them a cleaner look. If you are not fussed on shape then these will be perfect too!! Most of the time I make them in a small round shape just for quickness which is perfect to dunk in your tea. This is also a great recipe to use an electric mixer as it speeds up the prep time considerably.

IMG_3642 IMG_3656IMG_3665 IMG_3695 IMG_3702

You Will Need
250g soft butter
140g of caster sugar
1 egg yolk
2 tsp vanilla extract
300g plain flour

You can use a standing mixer or a wooden spoon, you will also need a spatula to scrape the side of the bowl down.This will make quite a lot of small biscuits as I still have half the dough left which I am going to freeze for another day. The dough will make a good amount of medium sized biscuits too, it is hard to say exactly what the amount but I think about 25 to 30 roughly.READ MORE

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Happy Pancake Day !!!

HAPPY PANCAKE DAY!!! For most people Pancake Day conjures up memories of sweet pancakes for breakfast… well for me not so much. I have never liked sweet pancakes and never really celebrated Pancake Day myself however my family always has.This year I was determined to find a pancake recipe I liked and I did! I used a savoury pancake recipe which was so yummy it is for a perfect light lunch or even for breakfast, It was  a SortedFood recipe and was so simple.Pancake Day signifies the start of early spring for me which make me super excited as spring is one of my favourite seasons.IMG_3630 copy

IMG_3541 IMG_3544I love having fresh flowers in the house, I especially love tulips as they are probably one of my favourite flowers.READ MORE

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Bee Mine … DIY Valentines Day Gift

IMG_3533So it is nearly Valentine’s Day which means it is time to show your appreciation for the people you love in your life!!! I like doing small acts of kindness or handmade gifts which mean the most as you have spent time creating them. I wanted to create something simple this year, it is perfect for someone who wants to create a handmade gift but doesn’t have all the time in the world.

I love infusing oils so I wanted to try it with honey and the results were amazing!!! You can literally infuse it with any flavour combination. I made a lemon and rosemary honey and a vanilla honey. The vanilla honey is perfect for porridge or honey cakes. I also love using the lemon and rosemary for glazing chicken and salmon, which is so delicious.READ MORE

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