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Ella Elizabeth

Quick And Healthy Granola Recipe


This is probably the easiest recipe I have ever made and it is so tasty. It takes no time at all to make. I make a big batch on the weekend and it keeps for a few weeks. It is perfect for an on the go snack or a simple breakfast. You can top it with some Greek yoghurt and fresh fruit or just eat it on its own. I try to vary my breakfast to keep it interesting and this is the perfect option for having something new. You can add any type of dried fruits, seeds or nuts that you would like into the mix.

IMG_7262 IMG_7264 IMG_7293


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Beautiful DIY Indoor Succulent Garden

Do you love succulents…? Me too. They are about the only house plan I haven’t been able to kill. I went to a few of my favourite local garden centres to find a mixture of different succulents and I came up with a little unique planting idea for them. I also bought my  first  ever cactus. I  have always been to scared to buy them as they look so prickly but I couldn’t resist this baby one with the beautiful flowers on the top. I did have to wear gloves when planting the cactus otherwise I would have been left with spikes in my hands… which is not fun!! We are using this little indoor garden as a table centre piece at the moment but it will fit anywhere in your house as long as there is some light. This is so simple to make and would make a perfect house warming gift for someone or a unique decoration for your house.newIMG_6883 IMG_6895


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Buying Local Produce

IMG_6467 IMG_6533

At the start of 2016 we made a pledge to try to buy local produce and quickly struggled as supermarkets are convenient and right on our door step – but this doesn’t fit with me or my family’s ethical views. As you all know I love cooking and things taste better when you use good quality ingredients. So I decided to try some fruit and vegetables from the Norfolk Veg Box which is a local Norfolk business that delivers local produce to you. We don’t have a farm shop nearby so this is the perfect option for our family.READ MORE

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Why I Choose To Use Natural Skin Care


Since I was young I have always had trouble with my skin whether it is eczema or acne. I have also always suffered from very sensitive skin and I have struggled to find the right skincare for me. Skin care is a very personal choice as everyone’s skin is different but something I think everyone should try to look for in their skin care is products that are natural and cruelty free.

I choose natural skincare because up to 60 percent of what we put on our skin is absorbed by our body. If you are using skin care full of harmful, artificial ingredients it can’t be doing much for your skin or your body. Some chemicals remain stored in the body for several months or even years before they are completely eliminated.

Harmful chemicals and ingredients also cause huge problems for the environment as every product we use eventually ends up in the soil and waterways where it can further impact on micro-organisms and aquatic life. These are all things in our day-to-day life we don’t think about. But by making a simple informed change you can help protect and preserve animals and their environment.I use Liz Earle skin care which is botanical, suitable for vegetarians and is cruelty free. Liz Earle has a huge range of amazing natural products; they have something for every skin type and age. They also have amazing offers on their products if you order online.READ MORE

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Happy Easter !! Quick Easter Nest Treats

IMG_6223IMG_6135 IMG_6138


Easter is about spending time with family and eating way too much chocolate. So for the start of our family Easter festivities we like to make these Rice Krispies mini egg nests. I have been making these since I was a child as our mum spent lots of time when we were younger teaching us to bake.This recipe is so simple even my brother can make them …! These are the perfect sweet treats to start your Easter off with and they look so cute as well.


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The Perfect Home Fragrance

IMG_6284 IMG_6276

I don’t know about you but I love diffusers. They are perfect for forgetful or clumsy people who can’t be trusted with a hot flame and wax from a candle…! The other week I was in the Yorkshire Dales and found some of the cutest little shops so of course I had to pick up a few things and this was one of them. It is my new home fragrance obsession.READ MORE

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New Art And Design Finds


If you know me you will know that I love finding unique art and design products from independent or small design companies. I thought it was the perfect time to share some recent purchases. I recently took a short break in the Yorkshire Dales and found some of the most gorgeous little shops selling some unusual art and design pieces.

I found some carved wooden stamps from a shop called Burnt Rock in Grassington. It is the kind of shop you go into and never know what you are going to find, These types of shops are sometimes the best. I love to pick up little stamps or printing material so I can have constant inspiration of shapes for creating patterns myself.


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My Simple Brunch Recipe


So the other morning I decide to create a brunch recipe. I had a real craving for poached egg and to be honest I have a love/hate relationship with eggs but I wanted to give them a try again. I am so happy I did. The flavours I paired them with made them taste so amazing. This is really a recipe you can WOW your friends and family with. I really like to vary my breakfast and lunch so this was the perfect recipe to do that and it is so simple and comes together very easily.

There is a really nice contrast of crisp bread and soft egg along with the salty bacon and rich balsamic. Also the freshness of the mixed leaf salad cuts through all the flavours perfectly. All the flavours work in harmony and create an amazing brunch for everyone to enjoy.


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