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Ella Elizabeth

Guest Post: Super Easy No Sew Bunting

Hello, I hope you’re weekend was wonderful?!

You’re probably thinking, where’s Ella? We’ve traded places for today & guest blogging on this fine Monday! In case you haven’t stopped by before, I write a Vintage Lifestyle & DIY blog.

Much like Ella, I adore DIYs & getting creative, which is where this collaboration have spun from really, with that in mind I thought I’d bring you today, a super easy bunting DIY!

I actually have posted something similar to this one on my blog, when I first started blogging actually, but I’ve given it a bit of a revamp for you!

I made this bunting specifically for our kitchen, so it’s quite small in terms of length but you can alter this easily to achieve your desired look, also to match my kitchen I’ve chosen a pink gingham fabric, again you can change this to suit your tastes, I just love gingham!

bunting Bunting Finshed two - KayCeeCreates


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Simple & Refreshing Homemade Lemonade Recipe

IMG_8594 IMG_8592

Nothing is better on a warm day than having a glass of refreshing lemonade and ever since I was young my favourite lemonade has been home-made. The flavours are intense and refreshing the taste encompasses long and warm summer days. This is probably one of the things I will be happy to take a bit of time making. I am sure there is a machine you can buy to squeeze lemons but I decided that hand squeezing lots of lemons was a good idea…typical me !! Other than the lemon squeezing the recipe is really quick and is the perfect summer drink –  this is definitely a family favourite!


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DIY Copper Guttering Strawberry Planter

IMG_8266IMG_8219 IMG_8221

I don’t know about you but one of my favourite things about summer is STRAWBERRIES!! Last year we had a go at growing them and it didn’t really work out. So this year I was determined to grow them again and to get lots of delicious sweet strawberries. I also thought it would be the perfect time to create a little DIY planter for them as why not have them looking good as well as tasting good. I went straight to Pinterest and looked up different ways you can grow strawberries. I had seen people using guttering on the wall to grow lettuce and I thought this would be perfect for strawberries as they would be at the perfect picking height!

All the pictures of the guttering planters I was looking at showed them with the original plastic colour which is white or black but I didn’t think that it was very attractive so I decided to figure out a way to paint them without having to do anything complicated. Thank goodness for the internet as I found out that using sand paper is a simple way to help spray paint adhere to plastic and it worked perfectly!! The planter is now hanging proudly on the fence in our garden centre stage. I am so so…so…so happy with how it turned out!! Obviously you don’t have to plant strawberries as you can use this as you would a hanging basket and pack it full of colourful plants. If you have a small garden or don’t have planting space in the ground this is the perfect way to add some life and colour to your garden space. Also having fruit or veg growing on the wall prevents pests like slugs and anything else that might take a liking to the strawberries.

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The Easiest Summer Picnic Canopy DIY


Last weekend was so beautiful and sunny, so the family and I decide to have a lazy weekend gardening and diying. I love picnics and thought why not have a garden picnic. So I made a little DIY canopy tent, which was probably the cutest thing I have ever made!! The picnic really rounded off the perfect summer day. I made the tent really comfy by adding some squishy cushions and a little cuddly animal … because why not!! I also added a soft grey blanket, which was originally a throw and it made the perfect picnic blanket. The little canopy would be perfect for a kid’s summer party as well as a picnic. I raided our party box to see what decorations I could find and I hit the party jackpot with the gorgeous honeycomb balls and felt garlands. This picnic canopy really brought out my inner child. I remember having such lovely picnics with my family when I was younger.

I made a huge jug of iced lemon, lime and cucumber water; it is so refreshing on a hot day – we went though it so quickly. I sliced some yummy local tomatoes up to go with my sandwich that I made with some barbecued sausages and spinach in crunchy fresh French bread – it was so delicious!!! Now it’s time for the super easy DIY canopy …


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Fun And Colourful DIY Planter

IMG_7818 smallcopy IMG_7788 smallcopy

The other day I was out in the studio and found some terracotta pots I bought a while ago and decided to give them a little fun make over. As you probably already know I absolutely love house plants but sometime I just put them in a plain pot and it doesn’t really add anything to the room. So I wanted to create something which would add a bit of fun, colour and pattern. Don’t be afraid to mix colours and prints with accessories you add to your space, it will leave you with an interesting space which will be to unique to you. So now it’s time for this very easy and simple DIY!!READ MORE

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The Liebster Award

Cushion print bluredcopy copy copy

It a really exciting time for the Ella Elizabeth blog at the moment not only because we have some really big and amazing changes coming but we have also been nominated by the lovely for a Liebster Award, which we are really grateful for!! Our blog is still at its baby stage and I very much view it as a family effort whether it is my dad and brother helping me with photography or brainstorming and planning with my mum, they all get stuck it -which I am so grateful for!!

I started my blog as a creative outlet and it soon turned into a real passion and labour of love. I got my canon DSLR camera for Christmas which really fuelled my love for photography and drove me to improve the quality of my content Since then I have been blogging full time and creating my own textile designs as well. I feel so lucky to be able to spend my time doing something I really love.READ MORE

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The Most Beautiful Place

IMG_5624 copy IMG_5671 copyBolton Abbey

IMG_5109 copy

Yorkshire for me is the most beautiful place in England and one of the places where I feel calm and at home. When you walk out of your door you are immediately in the middle of a vast and breath-taking landscape. My favourite place to visit when I am there is Bolton Abbey The architecture of the abbey is amazing and it is the perfect place to take amazing photos. We had a gorgeous pizza at the cafe there too!

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Garden Project-Growing Sweet Peas


Last year we tried and failed to grow a good crop of sweet peas so my mum and I decided this year we are going to start early on try to grow them. Last year we used sweet peas which had already been growing and trained up a bamboo wigwam and were not young seedling IMG_7235plants like we have used this time. When we planted them last time we didn’t put enough string up the bamboo to support them so it stunted their growth and they didn’t produce as many flowers as they normally do . Also we didn’t cut them regularly enough which didn’t help. I think we were very unlucky last year as sweet peas are known for being very easy to grow but sometimes you just have a bad specimen of plant and bad luck. Sweet peas are beautiful and smell amazing. Also they are relatively easy to grow and maintain which is why they are so popular. Here are a few things we have learnt which will help you successfully grow the perfect sweet peas.

We used young seedling plants which we bought from our garden centre. We picked up mixed colours but you can get a variety of single colours too. We planted ours straight into the ground but you can buy other varieties for hanging baskets and containers. We created a wigwam using bamboo and string for the sweet peas to wrap around and grow up; you can also grow them up trellis. You will want to criss-cross the string up and around the bamboo quite a way up as the sweet peas will grow quickly once they get started.READ MORE

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4 Simple DIY Succulent Party Favour Ideas

IMG_7482copyIMG_7467At the end of a party or event it is really nice to send your guest off with a little gift and I think it is nice to give something which they can keep, not just leave somewhere and never look at it again. These little trinket gifts are so cute and can be completely tailored to what you want. I am so in love with how they have turned out! I now have so many succulents around the house; you can plant them in absolutely anything!!
I went around to a few places to find some little pots to put them in. The best places I found were gifts shops. I used tea light holders and even little bowls. All the pots I bought were between £2-£3, which if you are having a small gathering is ok, but you can source things like I have found wholesale if you are having a bigger event to make it so much more cost effective.

They are so simple to make but a little messy because I keep spilling all the compost everywhere…which is typical me!! If you are like me and are not having a party any time soon you can make them for friends or family and what I like to do is keep them all to myself and fill our house with them…I definitely think I have a house plant obsession!!
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