Bee Mine ... DIY Valentines Day Gift - Ella Elizabeth
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Bee Mine … DIY Valentines Day Gift

IMG_3533So it is nearly Valentine’s Day which means it is time to show your appreciation for the people you love in your life!!! I like doing small acts of kindness or handmade gifts which mean the most as you have spent time creating them. I wanted to create something simple this year, it is perfect for someone who wants to create a handmade gift but doesn’t have all the time in the world.

I love infusing oils so I wanted to try it with honey and the results were amazing!!! You can literally infuse it with any flavour combination. I made a lemon and rosemary honey and a vanilla honey. The vanilla honey is perfect for porridge or honey cakes. I also love using the lemon and rosemary for glazing chicken and salmon, which is so delicious.

IMG_3351 IMG_3376 IMG_3393 IMG_3412

2 Jars
2 Jars Of Pure Honey
1 Vanilla Pod
Zest Of 1 Lemon
A Few Sprigs Of Rosemary
Natural Raffia
2 Mini Honey Drizzlers
Bee Mine Tags – Free Printable

1.Firstly clean the jars with water then dry thoroughly with some kitchen roll. Fill each jar with one 1 jar of  pure honey.
2.For the vanilla honey, cut the pod in half and place into the honey.
3.For the lemon and rosemary honey, zest 1 lemon into the honey and mix then add to sprigs of rosemary to the honey.
4.Make sure you have shut your lid tightly to keep the honey fresh and to stop it from crystallizing. Next it is time to cut out the label and punch a hole in the corner for tying it to the jar.
5.Then thread the natural raffia around the jar and tie a bow. Simple thread the label onto the end strings of the bow.
6.Finally place the mini drizzlers on the side of your jar. I use the buckle of the jar to rest it in but you could also you could thread it into the middle of the bow.

IMG_3425 IMG_3443IMG_3507 IMG_3455 IMG_3453


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