Beautiful DIY Indoor Succulent Garden - Ella Elizabeth
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Beautiful DIY Indoor Succulent Garden

Do you love succulents…? Me too. They are about the only house plan I haven’t been able to kill. I went to a few of my favourite local garden centres to find a mixture of different succulents and I came up with a little unique planting idea for them. I also bought my  first  ever cactus. I  have always been to scared to buy them as they look so prickly but I couldn’t resist this baby one with the beautiful flowers on the top. I did have to wear gloves when planting the cactus otherwise I would have been left with spikes in my hands… which is not fun!! We are using this little indoor garden as a table centre piece at the moment but it will fit anywhere in your house as long as there is some light. This is so simple to make and would make a perfect house warming gift for someone or a unique decoration for your house.newIMG_6883 IMG_6895

IMG_6901 IMG_6904 IMG_6908 IMG_6923 IMG_6942 IMG_6949 IMG_6952 IMG_7000

Succulents and cactuses of your choice
Large Ceramic bowl (I got mine from Salisbury’s,you want something with a decorative pattern on the outside) Pad Print Sainsbury’s Ceramic Bowl
Gravel or any type of small stones (you will need enough to fill 2 inches of your bowl)
Potting compost
Decorative pebble or stones
Plus any other decoration you would like, I used shells and crystals.

  1. Fill the bottom of your bowl about 2 inches high with gravel (this will give drainage to the bowl as there is not a hole in the bottom)
  2. Next fill the bowl to almost the top with potting compost, give it a pat to compact it down.
  3. Then make little wells in the compost big enough for each of your succulents to fit in. Pat them down and fill the rest of the bowl up to the top and around the succulents with compost.
  4. Finally decorate around the succulents with stones and crystals or anything else to make an interesting ascetic.

You will need to water this every so often but not too much as succulents don’t like wet soil so use a mister spray. Other than that there is not a lot else to do with them to keep them maintained. They are extremely low maintenance which is perfect!!new IMG_7187 IMG_7197

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