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Autumnal Inspiration

Here are some of my favorite blog posts for some Autumnal Inspiration, Autumn is one of my favourite seasons.
The leaves change colour and it is changing from warm to a middle winter weather which means
it is time for chunky knitwear, snuggly scarfs and warm hot chocolate.

Adventureimg_0095  Picnic In The Woods
Take an adventure and go on a picnic in the woods
with a cozy blanket and warm cup of tea.


Autumn Wreath Workshop
A scented wreath using real foliage is a great way to add a bit of autumnal essence into your house, for some real instant impact also use bright warm tones to give more of an autumnal feel.


Autumn Mantel Decor
Using warm gold, orange and yellow tones will give a very subtle autumnal feel and look. I really like this idea of adding a large piece of art to the mantel piece.This is a very easy diy art piece to achieve – check out my DIY Abstract Art post and change the colours to warm autumnal tones.


Butter Bean & Chorizo Stew with Tomatoes
The time to eat stews and casseroles has begun. This recipe looks really
yummy and warming for a brisk day.


Fabric Hearts


The Best Hot Chocolate Recipe

Why not try this indulgent hot chocolate recipe which is truly worth the time it takes to make!
I hope you enjoyed this short but sweet post on some of my favourite things to have and do in the Autumn. Be sure to come back next week for a halloween cupcake recipe with really cute swiss meringe ghost decorations!!

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