4 Simple DIY Succulent Party Favour Ideas - Ella Elizabeth
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4 Simple DIY Succulent Party Favour Ideas

IMG_7482copyIMG_7467At the end of a party or event it is really nice to send your guest off with a little gift and I think it is nice to give something which they can keep, not just leave somewhere and never look at it again. These little trinket gifts are so cute and can be completely tailored to what you want. I am so in love with how they have turned out! I now have so many succulents around the house; you can plant them in absolutely anything!!
I went around to a few places to find some little pots to put them in. The best places I found were gifts shops. I used tea light holders and even little bowls. All the pots I bought were between £2-£3, which if you are having a small gathering is ok, but you can source things like I have found wholesale if you are having a bigger event to make it so much more cost effective.

They are so simple to make but a little messy because I keep spilling all the compost everywhere…which is typical me!! If you are like me and are not having a party any time soon you can make them for friends or family and what I like to do is keep them all to myself and fill our house with them…I definitely think I have a house plant obsession!!
IMG_7426 copy

Houseplant potting compost
Variety of succulents
Your choice of pots for your planters
Any other decorations like ribbon, gift tags etc

  1. Add a small amount of pebble or stones to the bottom of the pot to add drainage.
  2. Then fill up with a little compost, the amount will depend on how much your succulent goes into the pot.
  3. Next put the succulent into the pot and fill in around the succulent with compost packing it down tight.
  4. Finally add any decoration, I added some pebble around the succulent you can add stickers, ribbon, gift tag to really personalise your party favour. I also hot glued some pom pom ribbon around the top of one of the jar which looks really sweet.

I hope you enjoyed this simple DIY idea I had so much fun creating this for you all. Also don’t forget to follow me on my social media to stay up to date with what I am doing; you can follow me on blog loving to stay up to date with my latest blog posts.
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