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I decided to put together a list of my 14 favourite funky summer finds that I have been loving!! Summer really is the time for the craziest and most colourful prints and designs (which I love by the way!). It is the season where we finally say good bye to all the greys and neutral (for now…) and get some fun and colour back into our homes and wardrobes!!!


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Another day, another recipe  – and this is one of my summer favourites!! I am really into baking at the moment. For me there is nothing better than a lazy weekend baking and relaxing in the sun… I just hope the sun comes back! There is a misconception with meringues that they are hard and a fuss to make but they really aren’t! This recipe is so simple and the perfect beginner’s recipe,

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Hello, I hope you’re weekend was wonderful?!

You’re probably thinking, where’s Ella? We’ve traded places for today & guest blogging on this fine Monday! In case you haven’t stopped by before, I write a Vintage Lifestyle & DIY blog.

Much like Ella, I adore DIYs & getting creative, which is where this collaboration have spun from really, with that in mind I thought I’d bring you today, a super easy bunting DIY!

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Nothing is better on a warm day than having a glass of refreshing lemonade and ever since I was young my favourite lemonade has been home-made. The flavours are intense and refreshing the taste encompasses long and warm summer days. This is probably one of the things I will be happy to take a bit of time making. I am sure there is a machine you can buy to squeeze lemons but I decided that hand squeezing lots of lemons was a good idea…typical me !!

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I don’t know about you but one of my favourite things about summer is STRAWBERRIES!! Last year we had a go at growing them and it didn’t really work out. So this year I was determined to grow them again and to get lots of delicious sweet strawberries. I also thought it would be the perfect time to create a little DIY planter for them as why not have them looking good as well as tasting good.

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Last weekend was so beautiful and sunny, so the family and I decide to have a lazy weekend gardening and diying. I love picnics and thought why not have a garden picnic. So I made a little DIY canopy tent, which was probably the cutest thing I have ever made!! The picnic really rounded off the perfect summer day. I made the tent really comfy by adding some squishy cushions and a little cuddly animal … because why not!!

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The other day I was out in the studio and found some terracotta pots I bought a while ago and decided to give them a little fun make over. As you probably already know I absolutely love house plants but sometime I just put them in a plain pot and it doesn’t really add anything to the room. So I wanted to create something which would add a bit of fun,

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It a really exciting time for the Ella Elizabeth blog at the moment not only because we have some really big and amazing changes coming but we have also been nominated by the lovely for a Liebster Award, which we are really grateful for!! Our blog is still at its baby stage and I very much view it as a family effort whether it is my dad and brother helping me with photography or brainstorming and planning with my mum,

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IMG_5624 copy IMG_5671 copyBolton Abbey

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Yorkshire for me is the most beautiful place in England and one of the places where I feel calm and at home. When you walk out of your door you are immediately in the middle of a vast and breath-taking landscape. My favourite place to visit when I am there is Bolton Abbey The architecture of the abbey is amazing and it is the perfect place to take amazing photos.

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